Slow play masks the real strength of the hands you hold and allows to set-up a snare for your opponent. You may assume that call quietly rather than raise aggressively the opposite player will bet on following round and thus you get a chance to trap him for extra bets. Or, if you are the first one to take action then it allows to check his wager and when it is your turn raise a bet. You can even slow play with a call with a hope that your opponent reads that you hold weak hands. In case, he does then raise on following betting round.

The main aim is to win as much cash as possible from other players. With very strong hands and no concerns about the hands of opponents to be higher than yours, slow play allows to build the pot before revealing your real hand strength.

Against whom to employ slow play

When you play on situs poker online terpopuler then allow your opponents to play aggressively. It helps to you enable him to commit strongly and increase funds in the pot. If the opponent has not invested much and makes small bet then you can raise hugely and take the reins. He will possibly not call unless his hands are solid or suspects strongly that you are faking.

Slow play does not work against all opponents or situations. If your opponent is less aggressive, means does not usually make large wagers without potent hands then your slow play will backfire. He becomes wary when you check and call. Unlike aggressive player, who believes that check and call are signs of weak or drawing hand has not there, so will possibly check you on the turn. If your opponent has a tendency to make large bets with very good or very bad hands is a cautious player. He will make sure that the pot is small with mid strength holdings.

Opponents don’t have concerns with very strong hand. With weak hand, they fold with clear conscious, especially if you check raise on the turn. On the other hand, if he has medium strength hand and you re-raise then he has a tough time to make a decision. Often his conclusions will be wrong, so smart players avoid placing themselves in such situations.

When to slow play?

Slow play decision depends partially on opponent’s characteristics and playing style. In addition, even your cards quality makes a contribution to hold up well in the game till end. With best hand on flop but board seems draw heavy with multiple opponents then you are foolish to choose slow play action. However, if you are not concerned about draw then you can give your opponent an opportunity to improve, specifically when they are drawing second best hand.

Fortunately, you flop full house and gladly offer your opponents draw a couple of cards to improve a flush because ultimately it will cost them more in completing their hands.

Slow play is a blade, which cuts both ways!